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Troy Falck is a people person. 

Believing in environment, clean water and supporting good causes, the multifaceted Troy first picked up the guitar in 1989 and fell in love. In 1990 he took his first, last and only official guitar lesson with renowned blues guitarist Chris Aaron. That's when he took it to the streets and began jamming with musicians everywhere, at venues far and wide. Self-taught, Troy's style is polyrhythmic and hypnotic. In 1999 his life continued forward with all things musical as he began doing sound for many events both local and beyond all whilst converting an old barn into a music venue, THE TEA HOUSE, where many local events, music jams, recordings, weddings and celebrations took place. As Road Manager and vocal effects engineer, Troy also went on tour in the US with popular reggae/soul artist, Mishka in 2005 and 2006. Also in 2006, Soundserious played percussion with Mishka at the War Child Benefit Concert and Koots Roots Culture Fest. Tree has been guitarist, vocalist, percussionist and sound designer of Soundserious since it's inception.  With many skills to the trade, Troy backs his wife, Marilyn, on an epic musical journey of rhythms, heart and soul through what many have come to know as Soundserious.